On this page I will list all the variants I encountered. In the future I will add a 'comment' box so you can give comments. You can click on the images to view the hi-res versions for all details.
Max Rebo
Here you can see the many forms of Max Rebo. Although I know of no major variation, I do see many discoloured versions being sold for C8+ ratings. Don't let people fool you, he should be totally blue as you can see with the baggie version at the bottom. Anything less than this is NOT C9+
Death Squad Commander
This is still a puzzle to me. I found the right one and noticed it missed the red bar. It does not seem to be faded or removed, and there is a small difference in the facial details. I could not find anything on the net about such a variant, so if you know something, please let me know!
Boba Fett
A well-known variant is the tri-logo version, or 'unpainted knee' version (on the left). The body colour is also lighter than the other versions.
Hoth Rebel Soldier
Some differences in face colours exist. There is also a darker body colour version that I unfortunately do not posess. Mystery on the lower figure solved :) Seems to be a customizing effort from someone. He sure got me thinking :)
Tusken Raider
Also a well-known variant. The 'hollow-tubes' variant has hollow cheek tubes.
Biker Scout
Also a well-known variant. The 'small-mouth' variant is a lill ledy version.
Also a known variant. The 'pink tusk' version has a reddish colour opposed to the regular white tusk version.
A bit lesser know variant. It is called the 'large red eye' variant, but it differs on quite some fronts. The red eye is bigger, it is slightly taller, and the black markings on the side of the head are also different in size and spacing.
Also a known variant. There seem to be differend head colours. Sometimes referenced as 'green head'.